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#TuesdayTip | SUITS

by Kristin Coulter | Jul 17, 2018

As the second quarter filing deadline of July 31 nears, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the State Unemployment Insurance Tax System (SUITS) to make your way of doing business with DEW easier and more convenient.  

Through the new system you are able to submit a payment through several options:

  • ACH Debit
  • ACH Credit
  • Paper Check
  • Credit Card

Make sure that you follow all of the necessary steps after choosing your preferred payment method. Below you will find a brief summary of those steps, but if you have questions, please visit the video tutorial page at: to view the Submit Payment tutorial video.

Steps to Submit Payments

If you have a balance due on your account, the ‘Make Payment’ button will appear under the payments table on the homepage in the account summary section. When you click the ‘Make Payments’ button, you will navigate to the payment initiation page. There you will find payments due and once you click next you will be able to enter the amount you would like to pay and choose which payment method you would like to use to submit your payment.

ACH Debit- ACH Debit users will need their ACH payment details that include:

  • routing number,
  • account number,
  • and account type.

Once you have entered your information click next, and you will be sent to a verification screen where you can save the bank information you just entered to the account by clicking the ‘Save Bank Information’ box. The bank will then process the payment on the effective date entered.

ACH Credit- Once you have entered the amount you wish to be paid, you will be sent to the Payment Verification page to review your details. Once you click next you will be sent to the Payment Confirmation page which outlines the steps you will need to complete for your ACH Credit payment to process. One of the steps is to send the .CSV file that has your payment and banking information to your bank. To receive the .CSV file you will need to click the ‘Download File’ button located at the bottom of this page.

Paper Check- If you want to submit a payment using a paper check, you will enter the amount that you want to pay and you will be sent to the next screen to review your payment details and print your paper check voucher. This voucher must to accompany your check when you send it to the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce to process your payment.

Credit Card- To pay by credit card you will need to enter your credit card information. You can click the “Pay by Credit Card” button and be redirected to the state’s credit card processing site that is external to SUITS. Once your information has been entered on the state’s external credit card payment site, you will be able to review and then click “continue” to be sent back to SUITS to a payment confirmation screen.

There are also several resources available to help you will all aspects of SUITS located at

  • Video tutorials,
  • FAQs,
  • Desk aids,
  • Hints and tips,
  • And more.

DEW representatives are available to assist you with account inquiries at



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