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  • High-school dropout, offender and parenting youth, unsure of his career pathway found success

    by Kristin Coulter | Oct 30, 2019

    Mr. Williams entered the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program as a high-school dropout, offender and parenting youth, unsure of his career pathway.

    Through support from his career coach, he was able to complete his GED in two months and identify a career pathway in the construction industry.

    Leveraging opportunities awarded through a State Workforce Development Board (SWDB) grant, Mr. Williams completed various courses and secured first place in the local chamber of commerce sponsored Build-A-SHED competition, typically only open to in-school youth.

    Following the competition, Mr. William’s competition coach offered him the opportunity to complete a summer work experience in a multi-million dollar project in the downtown Charleston area that gave him exposure to an even more construction skills.

    Unfortunately, his criminal background was a hindrance to going to work for the company in Charleston. Instead of getting discouraged, he worked with his WIOA career coach to getting his criminal record expunged to pass the employer required background check.

    After completing the work experience, the employer offered him a full-time position with the company. In addition to working for the construction company, he also enlisted in the National Guard and will take on a construction role when satisfying his military commitment.

    Mr. William took advantage of every opportunity provided to him through the WIOA Youth and SWDB grant programs, resulting in full-time, self-sufficient employment in an in-demand Career Pathway.



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