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As of July 21st, SCWOS is back online. Claimants, please remember that you are required to complete at least two job searches while logged into your SCWOS account in order to remain eligible for benefits, and remember, you can check your claim status tracker by clicking “Go To My Home Page” when you login to the MyBenefits portal.

If you received an email asking you to complete a survey and you would like to know more, please call 803-737-0368 or visit

Both the employer system (SUITS) and the claimant system (MyBenefits Portal) will be down for monthly maintenance on Sunday, August 7, from 12-4 pm. 

We also make nightly changes to the claimant system (MyBenefits Portal) from 11 pm – 3 am, and the system will be temporarily unavailable during this time. 

Employer Filed Claims

Employers who have a temporary shutdown, are experiencing a slow or smaller workload than normal, or have temporary/seasonal work can request permission to file claims on their workers' behalf. These are called Employer Filed Claims.

You must provide this Notification of the Availability of Unemployment Insurance Benefits (PDF) to an employee upon separation from employment.

Ready to begin the process? Here are some helpful links:

  1. Login page for the Employer Self Service Portal.
  2. Login and Registration User Guide (PDF)
  3. How to Request Multi-Claimant Group Access 
  4. How to Submit an Employer Filed Claim
  5. Employee File Format for Employer Filed Claims
  6. How to Make Corrections to Fields of the Employer Filed Claims
  7. How to Protest Benefit Charges (PDF)
  8. Refusal of Job Offer (PDF)
  9. Wage Audit Response (PDF)
  10. Failure to Maintain Contact with a Temporary Service Weekly (PDF)
  11. Visit the Employer page to find more employer resources for unemployment insurance.

General Information about Employer Filed Claims
You are allowed to file up to six weeks for your affected employees. Your employees are exempt from work search requirements during those six weeks.

You are required to report any earnings the employee may have received from you or any other employer during the particular week filed. You also must submit an electronic file to our department each week you wish to file by using the Employer Self-Service Portal. The claim must be submitted after the week of layoff is over but within 14 days of the claim week ending date.