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Employer Separation Response

When a former employee files for UI benefits, you have the opportunity to supply information to DEW regarding the reason the individual is now unemployed.

You must respond to the department within 10 calendar days of receiving the notification in order to prevent a former employee from wrongfully receiving UI benefits.

If the department does not receive a response, then DEW will make a determination based on the information provided by the claimant when they file a claim. An employer that fails to respond to a separation request may experience increased benefit charges and higher unemployment insurance taxes.

Note: If a complete response requires supporting documentation such as copies of warnings, violated company policy, or a letter of resignation attach the supporting documents. If you are filing online and are unable to attach files via email, simply mail or fax your attachments to the address or number listed on the form.

The two options to respond to a separation request is through the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) or the UI Benefits Employer Self Service portal.


                                                 SIDES          Employer Self Service

If you are not registered with SIDES, you will receive a Request for Separation Information Form by mail. Submit the completed form, within 10 calendar days, to the address of the local SC Works center printed on the form.

You can also login to the portal and respond to requests for separation information (NET-101) for one or more persons applying for unemployment. To learn more about the Employer Self Service portal and view guides to help you through the process.