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Workforce Development Programs

In Governor Henry McMaster's 2021 State of the State address, he emphasized, "The next generation’s workforce must possess the education and skills necessary for South Carolina to compete for jobs and capital in the world’s economy. Today marks the beginning of a rare opportunity for transformation."

As our state continues to recover and rebuild from the pandemic, it provides a unique opportunity for our agency to continue to provide critical workforce and training opportunities for South Carolinians. This is a mission DEW has always prioritized, but now more than ever, we believe these programs, offered through our SC Works Center partners, can provide the imperative foundation needed to build the pipeline of quality workers our employers so desperately need.

Skill Training Initiatives

Across the state, DEW has developed partnerships with organizations to create job opportunities for South Carolinians. Whether it is improving access to high-quality job training and employment services along the coast or working with the homeless population to develop the skills needed to land and keep a job in the Midlands, the agency is working to meet the workforce needs in each region.

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