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Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Lt. Governor Evette’s Employment Initiative


Every parent wants their child to be prepared to succeed in life, and success starts with the basics. Responsibility, financial planning, time management, and teamwork are all vital soft skills learned from a first job that your teenager will use throughout their lives. Employers today are looking for young people to join their teams and will often work with your teen to find a work schedule that works best for them. As early as middle school and through high school and college, a job provides critical skills all while getting an education. 

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Let's get started! Resume Building and More.

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What are Soft Skills?

When you think about soft skills, think about the types of skills that can be used in any job. They are not specific to one job. Some of the most common include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my teen get a job?
  • While soft skills can certainly be learned at school and at home, the workplace provides the real-world experience of applying these skills - and it pays!
How to apply for a job?
  • Many employers have moved to an online process to apply for a job; however, this will vary depending on where you live and how big the business is. A quick phone call or visit will steer you in the right direction. 

    While it may not be required for all jobs, many will require a resume. These can be easy to put together and a quick internet search for “resume templates” will provide lots of fill-in-the-blank formats.

    Remember that you and your child are not in this alone! The representatives in the SC Works center can help your child write their resume and they have the pulse of the local community. They know which employers are open to young people looking for a first job, and they know how to help your child apply. You can learn more by contacting the local SC Works center in your area.

Which employers are hiring teenagers?
  • Retail, restaurant, warehouse, and manufacturing are just some of the areas with entry level opportunities. You can learn more about specific employers in your area by contacting your local SC Works center.
How much money will my teen make?
  • While each job is different, the state minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. It's not uncommon for many jobs today to pay above minimum wage.
How do I find my local SC Works office?

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Youth in the News

Lt. Governor Pamela Evette travels SC to highlight the importance of youth in the workplace.
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The importance of high school interns at the South Carolina Aquarium

Pathways 2 Possibilities Expo draws in thousands of students from ten counties

Lt. Gov tours around SC to emphasize youth employment


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