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South Carolina's 2023 Export Sales

South Carolina's 2023 Export Sales

By Shane Bell, Workforce Insights Analyst 

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Governor Henry McMaster, the South Carolina Department of Commerce and the South Carolina Ports Authority (SC Ports) have released the total export numbers for 2023, giving unique insight into the state’s market share and performance within global trade.

South Carolina Stats

South Carolina exports grew 18 percent in total valuation year-over-year to $37.3 billion, outpacing U.S. exports as a whole, which dropped 2.2 percent in value from 2022.  The South Carolina Department of Commerce reported that the state’s exports have grown, on average, 4.4 percent every year since 2013.

South Carolina’s top five exported commodities in 2023 were:


Completed Passenger Vehicles


Aircraft and Parts


Machinery and mechanical appliances




Rubber (primarily Tires)

Other Key Findings

  • For eight straight years, the state has led the nation in the export of tires. In 2023, export sales of tires from South Carolina were valued at $1.8 billion, a figure amounting to more than one-third of the U.S. market share for the commodity.
  • South Carolina’s exports of completed passenger vehicles, valued at $10.2 billion, represent 16% of the total U.S. market share.
  • The state’s export activity in 2023 involved 211 countries.
  • Its top trade partner for exports on the year was Germany, with $4.7 billion in sales.


These statistics indicate the strong appeal of South Carolina’s manufactured goods on the global stage, which points to a capable and productive workforce. This kind of success with trade will contribute to numerous positives for state workers, including job growth, stability, and increased opportunities for innovation and skills development.