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South Carolina Employment Situation November 2018

Fri, 12/21/2018

South Carolina’s Employment Situation    

November 2018

Job Growth Remains Strong Unemployment Rate Unchanged

The number of individuals working across the state increased considerably by an estimated 4,202 people to a level of 2,235,289, setting yet another record.

Unemployment estimates showed little change over the month, increasing by 474 to 76,694 people. The state’s labor force increased by 4,676 to 2,311,983 people, as the many jobseekers entering the labor force found employment.

The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate remained steady at 3.3 percent.

Since November of 2017, employment gains totaled approximately 14,100 people, and the labor force declined by nearly 7,150 people. The level of unemployed moved markedly lower by approximately 21,250 people.

Nationally, the unemployment rate was unchanged for the third consecutive month at 3.7 percent.

Nonagricultural Employment by Industry (Seasonally Adjusted1)

In November, seasonally-adjusted, nonfarm payrolls increased by 3,400 over the month to a record high level of 2,138,000.

The increase in employment was primarily due to changes in Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (+1,500). Additional increases were seen in Financial Activities (+900); Government (+900); Manufacturing (+600); Education and Health Services (+500); and Leisure and Hospitality (+100). Construction and Information remained steady during this period.

The industries reporting declines during the same period were Professional and Business Services (-1,100) and Other Services (-100).

Compared to November, 2017, South Carolina’s economy has added 32,800 seasonally adjusted nonfarm jobs.

Industries with noticeable gains were Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (+12,200); Leisure and Hospitality (+7,600); Education and Health Services (+6,300); Manufacturing (+3,600); Government (+3,300); Professional and Business Services (+2,300); and Financial Activities (+900).

Declines were reported in Construction (-3,100); and Information (-400); and Other Services (-100).

Nonagricultural Employment by Industry (Not Seasonally Adjusted2)

Not seasonally adjusted payroll employment increased by 8,700 from October to November 2018 for a total of 2,149,000 as businesses continue to rebound from an active weather season.

Industries contributing to the increase are: Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (+8,700); Government (+3,100); Manufacturing (+1,400); Financial Activities (+400); Education and Health Services (+300); Mining and Logging (+100); and Information (+100).

Industries declining during the month were Leisure and Hospitality (-4,200); Construction (-600); Other Services (-500); and Professional and Business Services (-100).


Since November 2017, not seasonally adjusted jobs were up 34,700 overall in South Carolina.


Industries marking strong annual gains were Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (+13,100); Leisure and Hospitality (7,100); Education and Health Services (+6,000); Government (+3,800); Manufacturing (+3,700); Professional and Business Services (+3,700); Financial Activities (+900); and Mining and Logging (+200).

The industries reporting declines were Construction (-3,100); and Information (-400); and Other Services (-300).

1Seasonally Adjusted: Seasonal adjustment removes the effects of events that follow a more or less regular pattern each year (i.e. tourist-related hiring and school closings in the summer). These adjustments make it easier to observe the cyclical and other nonseasonal movements in data over time.

2Not Seasonally Adjusted: Effects of regular or seasonal patterns have not been removed from these data.