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Businesses – Show us SC@Work!

Thu, 07/06/2023

Businesses – Show us SC@Work!

The S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce Announces its 2023 Employer Photo Contest



Columbia, S.C. – The S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) is pleased to announce an exciting photo contest for businesses across the state. The SC@Work: 2023 Photo Contest is an initiative to celebrate hard work and dedication in South Carolina by showcasing pictures of “SC at work,” in which employers across the state capture photos of their employees working.

The contest invites everyone from amateur to professional photographers to submit images that catch the energy, hustle, and passion of people’s lives at their workplace. DEW wants to highlight these photographs that capture and celebrate the substance of our great, working state.

The agency is encouraging everyone to think about what work looks like for them. Whether they are building a car or plane, a farmer in the field, a construction worker on the job site, a chef in the kitchen, an executive assistant writing letters, an artist painting a masterpiece, or a lawyer in a conference room, we want to see the energy, hustle, and passion of people's work in South Carolina.

“Through the lens of a camera, we can see the essence of what makes our state great. South Carolinians take immense pride in their work and the contribution it makes to the state’s success,” said DEW Executive Director William Floyd. “SC@Work: Photo Contest is an opportunity for businesses to share the impact of their employees who create the products and services that benefit us all. This contest will capture the dynamic and diverse workforce in South Carolina so that we can showcase the spirit of SC@Work.”

The top entries will be selected based on the composition and quality of the shots. Winners will be announced during the Workforce Symposium on September 19, 2023, in recognition of Workforce Development Month, and their images will be featured on and the agency's social media platforms. Additionally, the winner will receive a free registration to the 2024 Workforce Symposium.

The deadline for submitting entries is Monday, August 21, 2023, and all interested employers are encouraged to participate. This is an opportunity for businesses in South Carolina to feature their hardworking employees and highlight the importance of work in our state!

For more information about the photo contest rules and requirements, as well as how to enter your photograph, please visit