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SOC Occucoder

Find Standard Occupational Classification Codes

The Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code system is a federal standard used to classify workers into occupational categories that can be used for reporting and analysis to help the workforce.

The Occucoder tool below helps employers look up SOC codes using an employee’s job title or job description.

If you have a small number of employees, you can use the "enter one at a time" option and type in the job title to match it with a SOC code. If you have many employees, you can click on the multiple job titles button and enter the job titles for several employees at once to find the codes assigned to each employee.

TIP: If you maintain an employee spreadsheet or database, we recommend that you simply include columns for employee job titles and SOC codes. You can then sort your spreadsheet or database by employee job titles and enter those titles into the Occucoder. You would then be able to copy the matching SOC code into your spreadsheet or database so you can then easily provide that information to DEW.


Note: When reporting wages to SCDEW via wage file, enter the first six digits of the SOC Code including dashes for each worker. When manually entering wages into SUITS, the dash will be automatically inserted by using the SUITS Internal SOC code lookup. If manually entering the code into SUITS the dash will need to be included.

For Occucoder assistance, please book an appointment with DEW.