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If you cannot pay your taxes on time, send a written request for an extension to the below address before the payment is due.

S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce 
Delinquency Unit 
P.O. Box 995 
Columbia, SC 29202

DEW may, if you show good cause, grant an extension for making payment. However, the extension will bear interest at one percent per month.

For questions contact the Delinquency Unit at 803-737-3085 | Relay 711.

Adjustments and Refunds

A request for a refund must be made within four years of the original payment due date.

If any amendment or correction to wage reports result in an overpayment, a credit will be issued to apply against future contributions. You will receive written notice of this credit. An employer cannot make a deduction for overpaid contributions from prior quarters until DEW has issued the credit to the employer.

Cash refunds will be issued upon request if the credit is greater than the projected contributions due for the next eight quarters. Requests for cash refunds must be in writing.

To request an adjustment or refund, mail a letter containing your account number and applicable information using the information below.

Document Control-Refunds 
P.O. Box 995 
Columbia, SC 29202

You may also visit your Self-Service Portal in SUITS, DEW’s online tax system, to determine whether you have a credit on your account and whether any portion of that credit may be refundable.