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Lifeboat Jobs

Given the impact of COVID-19, the Labor Market Information (LMI) Division is providing help for job seekers by publishing a series of current in-demand opportunities titled Lifeboat Jobs. These are positions that you can step into immediately during these uncertain times to ensure a steady paycheck while considering the next step in your career path.  

This collection of Lifeboat Jobs highlights in-demand employment opportunities as of Summer 2020. The LMI Division pulled and analyzed data from more than 45,000, non-seasonally adjusted*, job postings in the state to identify which positions and industries were most relevant to South Carolina job seekers and employers.

Scroll through 29 Lifeboat Jobs (PDF) to discover:

  1. The skills you need to land a Lifeboat Job 
  2. Similar occupations that allow for an easy transition into, and out of, a Lifeboat Job 
  3. Entry-level and median salary information for each occupation in the graphic 
  4. The skills you learn while working a Lifeboat Job 
  5. The education you need to ascend a career ladder beyond the Lifeboat Job 

To explore how Labor Market Information can help you shape decisions for your professional future, explore the Labor Market Information (LMI) website

To view all of the Lifeboat Jobs, visit the LMI's publication's page. If you need help finding a Lifeboat Job that fits with your background, experience and skills, visit your local SC Works center for assistance.